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Acidic Nickel Bath Amounts:  

Nickel Sulphate

: 300 – 350 gr/l+  

Nickel Chloride

: 70gr/l+  

Boric Acid

: 50 gr/fl+  
Shiner, Gloss carrier, Moistener  

Our advice ; change your Nickel Chloride Ratio that we determined for the assortment of the material that will be covered. (It must be keept for zamc covering)

Chamber Nickel Bath Amounts :

If it will be covered zamc  

Nickel Chloride

: 200gr/l+  

Nickel Sulphate

: 100gr/l+   

Boric Acid

: 40-50gr/l+  

Shiner etc..


If it will be covered iron;  
Nickel Chloride : 100gr/l+  
Nickel Sulphate : 200gr/l+  
Boric Acid  : 40-50gr/l+  
Shiner etc.      

Yukardaki kimyasalları tanıyalaım;  
Nickel Chloride : Gives Bath Nickel Ions.  
Nickel Sulphate  : Provides Anode Solution.  
Boric Acid  : Buffer Solution. It no need to fidde with PH.

  1. Gives shininess like its name.
  2. Blocks Anode Polarisation. In other words ; it provides covering instead of electrolyte in water


  1. Covering must be soft..
  2. Conductivity must be good. It must fill the unevenly areas isueless.
  3. Color of the Covering must be WHITE and light colored. (The costs of the expensive baths will be cheaper if the nickel covering of Gold and Silver products are white as far as possible.)
  4. Organic Pollutions must be clinged in baths above all.
  5. Costs and comfortable usage.
  6. The bath must be tolerant to pollution. Because of that please confront our products with our competitors products in market.(Quality and Price)
  7. Cleanliness of the bath is the basic principle. Cleanliness can be done by two different means
  • Selective
  • Filtration
  1. Selective Cleaning : Can be done for curly shaped metal sheets. Be used to remove the metallic pollution of the electrolyte.(Doing with gradual ampere is our advice.)
  2. Filtration                : Process to remove floating pieces in electrolyte (Bath water)


There are three basis for Zinc Baths ; Cyanosis, Acidic, Alkalic.


Bath Values trifurcates according to covering material.

Low Cyanosis;          
Zinc Oxide   : 30 gr/lt  
Caustic : 80 gr/lt  
Sad. Siyanür : 65 gr/lt  

Average Cyanosis ;           
Zinc Oxide     : 37 gr/lt  
Caustic : 80 gr/lt  
Sad. Siyanür : 81 gr/lt  

High Cyanosis ;       
Zinc Oxide     : 45 gr/lt  
Caustic : 80 gr/lt  
Sad.Siyanür : 101 gr/lt  

Caustic increasing must be remembered when zinc oxide added.

2n0 + NaCN    2nCN + Na+H
Notice our advice ; Caustic Ratio must be kept low to block bath warmings

Zinc Chloride  : 50 gr/lt  
Amonium Chloride : 170gr/lt  
Shiner + Plant      



  1. It mustn’t select the factor
  2. Must be resistant to heat
  3. It mustn’t be sensitive to bath pollution
  4. Its pasivations must be accepted easily

In the light of this information, please confront our products with the others


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