Important Informations

Valuable Galvano Sector!

  • Please keep your baths clean. If your bath is dirty, it will multiply your costs of gloss agents. Please remember that.
  • Filtration cleans only the pieces that float on electrolyte (bath water). But the Selective Cleaning will clean the metals that appears fused in electrolyte (copper, zinc, cadmium etc...) Say the least of it, filter cleans the sheets in tea, selective cleaning cleans the sugar that is melted in the tea.
  • Please! Do not decrease Nickel Gloss Carriers and Acidic Zinc Bodies ratings in baths whether Nickel, or Acidic Zinc. You may think that using this products less, causes you economy, but after a while you have to scutch these products in one time. You will also lost quality in this while. (Reminder : Rating for Nickel and Zinc Baths ; Gloss Agent/Carrier for Nickel Baths 1/10, Gloss Agent/Plant for acidic zinc baths ; 1/40)
    Let us explain that with a simple example ;
    Let us think a brickwall. We paint this brickwall with best dye in the world. How many boxes do we use? Let us take the same wall. But this time, we mortars the wall first and use worst dye in the world. Which one does appear better? In this example, mortar represents Gloss Carrier or Acidic Zinc, dye represents shiner.
  • Color or baume of shiner means nothing. But incoming baume ( vary between +- 0.5 baume is normal)  of your shiner that you are satisfied have to be same always. Different coded shiners may have different baumes.

Color may be dark or light. Raw Material producer companies especially define that color goes from light to dark between PH 7-9 but this show us nothing about product quality. Therefore ignore your shiners color, if you trust your company, examine for bath performance.  

  • Price
    There are 20-30 various products of 3-4 companies that produces raw materials for shiners. Prices of these changes 2 to 100 Euros for one kilogram. If cheap products is used, the shiner is cheap but it doesn’t work in pollute baths, doesn’t cover chromium, it blasts the covering when you scutch more, causes more cost and you take your products from bath late and the covering color is being dark. Because of that please do not examine only the price, decide after test that materials. This is the elegance during the production, also there is after-production and this causes you 10.000 Amperes/Hour. As follows; Dealer buys the product from producer, costs of this 10.000 Amperes/Hour for 1 liter. Such as ; Another dealer bids 15 Euros for same product to customer but we are selling this product directly to customer for 20 Euros. I am leaving the decision to you. Could 24 carat gold and 18 carat gold ever be same?
  • Do not blame the shiner for consisted failures in covering, start from the furthest point (degreasing) and come to the covering bath. If it covers one but products but not the others do not blame the bath for failure, check the pieces first. For Example ; Put your hand in the water, one of your finger is getting wet but not the others. Is your finger mistaken or water? (Another example ; while the free-cutting steel is covering, it will be covered difficult if the lead ratio is high.)
    Because of that do not fiddle with your bath (more shiner etc..)
  • If the covering is peeling or fading, do not blame the nickel bath. (add acidic zinc plant to acidic zinc bath) Buy dead lime from Hardwareman, Moisten a little ( like the old craftsman do) Sponge the piece, wash with tap water and hang it to the bath, if there is still fading, the failure is in Nickel Bath. But its not fading any more, the problem is in degreasing bath or washing water.
  • Do not consolidate to your degreasing bath more than twice. You may build a new bath with these consolidations.


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